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Bryars Spray Foam is your trusted resource for injection foam insulation throughout west-central Alabama. Our injection spray foam uses proven revolutionary technology to deliver excellent performance, safety, comfort, and durability. Our injection spray foam is the best choice for wood, vinyl, and aluminum-sided homes, as well as brick stucco or block.

Injection foam insulation is also known as injected foam or injectable foam insulation. This new type of insulation is becoming popular among homeowners who want to make their homes more comfortable and less expensive to heat and cool.

Injectable spray foam insulation is not the same as expanding spray foam, even though the two materials look alike. Furthermore, injectable spray foam provides excellent sound isolation, making it perfect for environments like apartment buildings and houses that are very near to each other.

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As a homeowner, we value your time. That’s why our spray foam professionals always arrive on time and complete the job as scheduled.


Bryars Spray Foam has been in the industry for nearly a decade now. Our experience and expertise have made us the top choice of residents and business owners in west-central Alabama. We take pride in the quality of our work, and that shows in our growing customer list each year.


Our favorite part of the job is helping our customers save money on heating and cooling. Customer satisfaction is always on the top of our list. We make sure that you are happy and satisfied with our services.


At Bryars Spray Foam, we try to help our customers by educating them. Below are some of the commonly asked questions we hear from our clients.

Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation is usually made of polyurethane that’s applied as foam and expands and hardens as a solid. It creates airtight seals in wall gaps, particularly in the attics. Since spray foam insulation expands, it automatically conforms to the precise shape and dimensions of the area in which it’s being installed.

Spray foam insulation can last for up to 80 years depending on the material being used. Since this type of insulation creates a strong seal, it’s one of the most effective solutions to blocking drafts and minimizing thermal heat transfer in attic spaces.

Injection Foam

Unlike spray foam, you don’t have to leave your home when the application is being made, since there is no odor emitted by injection foam. Furthermore, it is a product with low shrinkage and ultra-low odor. 


Injection foam provides a great experience and makes your entire structure more comfortable. This method is being used in environments such as studded walls and cathedral ceilings. It is also used in insulating concrete block walls in commercial applications like big box stores and residential retrofit block/stucco walls. 



  •         Non-expanding open-cell foam
  •         Installed exclusively in the enclosed cavities of existing walls

Generally, this is a project that requires the expertise of a professional spray foam contractor. To add insulation to an existing wall, holes are drilled between the studs of the existing walls. Then, spray foam insulation can be blown in to fill up the wall cavities. Lastly, the holes must be plugged up and refinished to match the rest of the wall. 

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